(High School Players) Saturday’s 10:00am to 12:00pm

(Age 10 to 13) Saturday’s 12:15pm to 2:00pm

(Age 10-13) Sunday’s 12:00pm to 3:30pm

(High School Players) Sunday’s 12:00pm to 3:30pm



Player Skill Development 1 on 1 Private Sessions:

  • These sessions are for players who are serious about taking their game to the Next Level. These workouts are designed to replicate game speed situations and assist in the execution of basic and advanced fundamentals under that pressure. Each workout is customized to the players needs to help them improve their weaknesses and to enhance their strengths. These sessions are the most Intense and High-Energy workouts we offer.
  • Cost: $40 Per Session(No Less Than 5 Sessions)
  • 1-Hour 15min Session
  • If I travel to you cost is $60 Per Session

SweatShop Training Sessions 2 to 6 Players:

  • Small group training allows players to work on their individual skill development in a structure intense environment. These sessions contain the same fundamental methods and concepts as the 1 on 1 workout but allow for situational competition and workout variations. These sessions are Competitive and Intense. Small group workouts typically consist of 2-6 players 
  • (Players must have similar skill level)
  • Cost: $40 Per Session(No Less 5 Than Sessions)
  • 1-Hour 30min Session
  • If I travel to you cost is $50 Per Session

Team Training (AAU or HS Basketball Team):

  • Teams rarely focus on individual skill development, instead, their primary focus is on the offensive system being ran, but if you can’t pass, can’t pivot, and can’t dribble, it doesn’t matter what offense is run as even the best of those systems are ineffective without execution of proper fundamental skills.
  • These workouts are designed to build team chemistry, improve team play and individual skills. This is a Great alternative to Open Gym, where players fall back into bad habits and fail to get better.
  • 2 Hour Intense Customized Player Training
  • Shooting(off catch, off dribble), Jab Step Series, Ball Handling Series, Dribble Separation, Weak Hand Development, Advance Finishing(with contact), Moving Without the Ball, Post and Perimeter Work, 2 and 3 Man Competitive Game Situation, Teamwork.
  • Basketball I Q- Defense/Offense/Rebounding
  • Strength and Conditioning, Ab/Core Stability, Explosive Development, Speed & Agility, Quickness & Reaction, Footwork
  • Dynamic & Static Stretching, Injury Prevention
  • Cost: $15 Per Player(Must Be 10 Players/No Less Than 5 Sessions)
  • Cost: $20 Per Player(If Less Than 10 Players)
  • 2-Hour Session

Weekend Basketball Specific Training & Skill Development 

Increase your Quickness: Focus in on proper basic mechanics and basketball specific movement to help players move better and more efficiently. • Gain Strength: The power development components of our program will increase explosiveness, stability, balance and range of motion. • Reduce likelihood of injury: We prepare your body with progressive training methods. Nothing worse than being sideline by an injury! • Gain advantage : Gain the necessary tools to raise your level of play and become HARD 2 GUARD!!!


Cost: $20 Per Session 

2 Hour Session